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Keynotes Audio can provide either an active speaker set-up (Amplifiers are built into the speakers) or a passive all in one system (Speakers are slightly less powerful but lighter as they do not have built in amplifiers) depending upon your requirements. Both of our systems are powerful and will fill a medium sized room perfectly with sound but each system has its own merits. Tell us your plans and we can help you choose the right system for your event. You can add a mixer or other equipment as required to either system. 


The EUROPORT PPA2000BT packs amazing power and sound quality into a compact, portable suitcase-style PA system – that’s fast and easy to set up. The PPA2000BT’s integrated 8-channel mixer has enough inputs for 4 microphones, 2 musical instruments, your favorite MP3 player and more – making it ideal for parties, schools, corporate and educational presentations, working musicians and even weddings. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream music from your smart-phone, tablet or other Bluetooth-equipped device. Best of all, the PPA2000BT is “wireless ready” for our high-quality ULM Series digital microphones, so you can become completely mobile. This powerful, 2,000-Watt marvel also features the crème de la crème of professional vocal effects from world-famous KLARK TEKNIK – and our amazing FBQ Feedback Detection System for the ultimate freedom from feedback. We’ve even included a high-quality microphone, and all the cables and accessories you’ll need, so you’re ready to go – right out-of-the-box!


Behringer PPA2000bt all in one

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A unique speaker in its category. The titanium dome, 3.0" voice coil neodymium compression driver offers a unique vocal clarity and sound projection. The 15” neodymium woofer offers an extremely linear response and a precise, deep low frequency control. The transducers are produced using the most advanced assembly technologies. The amplifier delivers 1400 watts and is controlled by a DSP that takes care of crossover, equalisation, phase control, soft limiting and speaker protections.

  • 132 dB Max SPL

  • 1400 WATT 2-way peak power

  • Innovative DSP Processing

  • 1.4" Titanium Compression Driver, 3.0" v.c. Neodimium

  • 15" Woofer

  • 800 Hz crossover point for perfect vocal reproduction

  • 90°x60°, wide dispersion constant directivity horn

  • FiRPHASE Technology


RCF ART-735a MK4

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Rolls Audio ducker.

This clever little device allows the music volume be automatically lowered when you open your microphone. Great for handsfree operation especially when you are away from the mixing desks! Using this allows your voice to be heard perfectly over the top of background music.


Due to the current covid restrictions, we cannot supply microphones for health reasons - talk to us about our options.

Please note: Heavy duty speaker stands are included as part of your hire package.

Need a mixer, audio interface or anything else? Check out the other options in our equipment section!