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Cables, leads and connectors

Taking the lead with sound choices

When you hire from Keynotes Audio, we try to ensure you have everything you require for a basic hire package. 

In addition, we also carry a huge selection of A/V cables and connectors, extension leads and a spare "something of everything"

So much so, that quite often even we find bits we'd forgotten we had! This is the great part of the whole thing for Steve Jane, the founder of Keynotes Audio. He loves nothing more than reaching into the case that has all the bits in and emerging with something that will get anyone out of a crisis! 

We are here to help too. A service available for bands or soloists playing locally that have forgotten or misplaced or even broken something that would otherwise hold them up.. Pop us a message and let's see if we can help get you back on track.

Our stockroom contains the following and without doubt, more.

  • HDMI cables and splitters

  • 3.5mm audio cables, balanced and unbalanced

  • 1/4" audio cables, balanced and unbalanced

  • Phono audio cables and connectors

  • XLR cables and splitters, various lengths

  • 1/4" speaker cables, various lengths

  • Cat 6 ethernet cables and switches

  • All kinds of connectors and adaptors - ask! 

  • Power leads IEC

  • USB leads and connectors 

  • A mixture of all of the above! 

lose up macro view of a male and a femal
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