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Home studio - for recording, editing and sharing your sounds.

Equipment and software to help you achieve your dreams!

Prior to lockdown, perhaps you were using a studio or maybe a friend had the equipment needed to record your sounds and tunes. Here at Keynotes Audio we have all kinds of equipment ready to hire to help you. From Audio Interfaces to mixers, microphones and software - if you have the knowhow but need the hardware, give us a call and let's get them tunes playing to an audience that's waiting for you! All items listed below have a link to the relevant manufacturers website for a full description It's not a complete list of what we can offer, there's plenty of options available - ask for further details as we are constantly adding equipment. We can set these up for you, if safe to do so, or you are free to collect and do that bit yourself - just let us know at the time of booking. Have a look at our other pages under the equipment heading for further options and ideas. There are so many options available - let's put a bundle together that works for you!

Young musician playing electric guitar w

Simple plug and play device, ask for details! 

Looking for anything else? Have a look at our other links under the equipment menu!

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