Zoom Events

Online meetings, quizzes and parties

Keeping in touch, having non-office based meetings, having fun. 

All easily achievable with online meeting platforms.

Our preferred platform is Zoom. It offers everything we need. We hold a basic professional account and can accommodate up to 100 people, including the host(s).

We have found this to be plenty for the content we have created and shared with all that have taken part. 

Keynotes Audio have presented online discos, parties, BBQ's, quizzes and hosted corporate meetings on behalf of local businesses. We can transfer the host position and allow them to control the meeting from their end, keeping their meeting confidential. 

All kinds of elements can be added to our Zoom events, including music, video, file transfer, PowerPoint presentations and so much more. 

Let's get our heads together and plan your next fun filled event! 

We can also help your guests get more enjoyment too by making suggestions to enhance their viewing / sound experience. Just because events are disnaced, doesn't mean they can't be socially interactive!

Give us your ideas if you wish and let us do the planning for you. (Where we can!)