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Flexible outdoor space

The MarqBo™: A cross between a marquee and a gazebo

When you need something stronger and more reliable than a standard garden gazebo, but really don't need a full-on marquee, we have got the perfect compromise in the form of our MarqBo™. Don't be fooled by our light-hearted name for this structure - it is made of stern stuff!

Measuring 6m x 4m, it features an easy-to-install frame made of fully galvanised, anti-corrosive steel and strong  PVC tarpaulins which provide high sun protection of 80+, are UV resistant and 100% waterproof. The side walls can be installed individually at 2m intervals, which enables a variety of alternative constructions.

This flexible structure is easily transformed into something truly special. Just because events are small, doesn't mean you aren't going to go all out on the decor and atmosphere.

We now also have a smaller version - 4m x 3m in size - Just as sturdy. The price is the same, it actually takes a little longer to put this one up! Please ask for details. 

marqbo small marquee heavy duty party tent hire warwick

Just some of the uses for this include:

  • Garden or street parties

  • Shelter from the British weather - either against the cold and wet or shade from the sun

  • Socially distanced gatherings such as weddings, christenings, birthdays

  • Team meetings

  • Temporary shelter, storage space or cover, such as keeping a band out of the rain or covering a project you are working on outdoors.

  • Up to 15 miles of travel included for free, plus all set up and break down costs are included in the price.

We also have a choice of additional equipment to compliment your event including:


  • Party options including DJ, speakers, microphones and lights

  • Furniture (We offer trestle tables only)

  • Bunting

  • Fairy lights

  • Fog machine

  • Festoon lighting


*T&Cs for our summer special 2024

Summer special - Includes up to 15 miles total travel - to work out your included travel - calculate your postcode to ours (CV345AH) x 4 and minus 15 - if you have any additional mileage, we charge £2 per mile.

Summer special included delivery and collection, erection of our MarqBo and dismantle after your hire.

Max hire period for our summer special - 24hrs (Typical hire would be our arrival 9am until the following afternoon to collect and leave site no later than 2pm) Additional hire time is available at additional cost - please ask for details.

The list goes on! Please ask us to find out more.

Our 4x3m MarqBo can be viewed here - we've left the tables in so you can visualise the size. 

We also have our 6x4m MarqBo if you need some additional space! See the pictures above for details.

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