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Keynotes Vinyl Club and lounges

Bring along your records!  

'Dig 'em out, dust 'em off and bring 'em along!'

If you have some records hiding away, screaming to be played - then look no further! Or perhaps you're just curious and want to see what all the fuss is about. Either way, our 'club' could be just for you. You're welcome to have a go at placing the needle on your own records - or we can do that for you, we will show you how it all works - it's really simple.


It's free to turn up to any of our evenings - and no charge to play your own records. 

You can find our next afternoon or evening by clicking here

We have a great quality record player and some amazing speakers and we look forward to meeting you - with your records to play! We do bring a few along with us, but we'd rather you bring your kind of music and perhaps a story or 2 to go with your memories. 

You're also more than welcome to turn up empty handed, but if everyone did that...

So we encourage you to dig some out or perhaps visit your local charity shops if you haven't any and purchase some to bring with you. They're usually just a couple of quid each to purchase.


We can play:

7" Singles (45rpm)

12" Singles (45rpm)

Albums (33rpm) 

We have 2 pubs where we host for now:


The Castle Inn, Warwick. Click here for their website 

The Bowling Green, Leamington. Click here for their website

We buy records to listen to - exactly how they should be - we're not too critical on everything being 'just-so' which means there's no intimidation to do things right - we just love the sound of vinyl records and we hope you will too! 

For other hospitality options, click here

warwick vinyl club
Warwick vinyl club and lounges warwick and leamington
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